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Promote your virtual 3D-Projects!
  • You want to promote your OpenSim-Grid?
  • You want to get traffic for your Project?
  • You sell or rent virtual Land?
  • You sell Objects and Clothing?
  • You want Traffic for your Events?
  • You offer OpenSim-related Services?

JOIN our Banner Exchange Network and get FREE TRAFFIC for your OpenSim-related Site!
  • Free Traffic
  • Fair 1:1 Ratio
  • Statistics
  • Easy to Use
  • Ready in 2 Minutes

How it Works

Important: This service is reserved exclusively for projects and websites which deal with virtual worlds. Projects and web pages with other subjects are not allowed.

With the registration you tell the Exchange Network, where your promotional image could be found. Here you can choose any common image format: GIF, animated GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.

The image size is required with 150 x 150 pixels. Other sizes are not accepted.

Now you have to place an HTML-code on your website, which will show the promotional images from other members on your website. You will get the HTML-code after registration. For each image viewed on your website, you will receive an impression credit. For this credit, your promo image will be shown on other websites The ratio is 1 to 1: for each image displayed on your page your image will be displayed on another websites.

Your new account will be reviewed and activated by the webmaster. This usually happens within 24 hours.

After activation you are instantly within the banner rotation.

In the members area you will find your statistics, how many times your promotional image was shown.

Have fun and success with HyperGrid Banner Exchange!
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